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Bridgescore+ at Chattanooga Regional. Please read if playing in team games.

Bridgescore+ will run all team (except BAM) games at the Chattanooga regional starting on Monday, February 25. This means all KO, all Swiss etc.

If you are not playing in Chattanooga, or are only playing in Pair games, skip the rest of this.

District 7 have been collecting metrics from previous tournaments without Bridgescore+ so we can compare ACBLscore to Bridgescore+. Metrics include number of directors per session, how long it takes to start an event, when events finish. For larger Swiss, Bridgescore+ runs a session 15-25 minutes faster than ACBLscore and needs fewer directors.

The team events will be run the Bridgescore+ way - this means optional pre-registration (we only need to enter your team's ACBL player numbers once per tournament, you have a team ID to use the rest of the week), pre-sales (you can buy entries to subsequent KOs if you lose early). All Swiss will be run through projected displays, players enter scores.

ACBL management are coming to Chattanooga on Monday/Tuesday to watch. This is the first time anyone from ACBL - management or Board - has come to see Bridgescore+ in action so this is a big deal. 

If you are playing in a team game in Chattanooga, please PM me your team ACBL player numbers - and optional team name (doesn't have to be a Captain's name so come up with something creative, but DICs get final approval so nothing political, insensitive, or beyond PG13). I will send you back a team ID for use during the week. This will make the KO starts a big quicker, you will know your exact team masterpoint totals for the week.

Good luck in Chattanooga - see you there!

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