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BridgeWinners Golden Raspberry Awards 2019

I made a comment on another article a few days ago and it received a surprising amount of likes, so I’ve decided to follow through on it – the BridgeWinners Razzies.

All of us mere plebs are capable of playing like we’re down the drain on a daily basis, but these lowly standards shouldn’t apply to the gods who stroll amongst us. So I’ve decided to take nominations for the worst efforts of the year, all by those who should know a lot better.

To qualify, they must have been perpetrated by an International player in partnership with another international player. The effort in question must have occurred in a high-profile event – e.g. one that is covered by BBO VG, although the effort itself did not have to appear on VG. I can then collate them and the finest examples be put to a vote for the inaugural BridgeWinners Golden Raspberries. Prizes – none, except the eternal admiration of… nobody.

I request nominations (preferably by the perpetrators) in the following categories:

Worst Bid Hand

Worst Played Hand

Worst Defended Hand

Suggestions are also welcomed for other categories. I like the idea of a lifetime award to cretinism, and special junior categories.

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