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For what seems like an eternity, but is only actually a few weeks all we have been hearing about is ethical violations, cheating and changing the system in order to combat the erosion of our game by nefarious cheats.

The position that we now find ourselves in, is because the players at the top no longer trusted the system. Other things are beginning to emerge not necessarily cheating related, but more on the ethical conduct side on the part of those who see themselves as our future administrators.

How did we get to this state of affairs? It is only through understanding how we got here that we may begin to heal and to grow into a strong organization for the future.

At some point maybe twenty or even thirty years ago, we stopped electing administrators that were also Gods -in the bridge sense.

I have no doubt that every person on the BOD is working for what they truly believe is the best for our league, they debate and they conclude but we seem to have no leaders. We have no one that the people can turn round and say, this person truly understands our game.

I know you will say, but there are 160,000 other players in the league that don't play in Bracket 1 the BOD represents them.

But do they? Is it really in the best interests of Mr. Smith from Idaho, that just joined the League last week. Or do we owe Mr. Smith more. Do we owe him administration that can sustain the very best of us not only in a bridge sense but in an ethical deportment sense. In truly understanding fair play, and what it means to be a Bridge Player.

Bridge is such a large part of who I am, the lessons I have learned from it and the friends I have made through it have truly guided me in many situations.

Bring back our Heroes.

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