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Brogeland is right

A long time ago, before the bidding-box appears, there was in South America two ways to bid diamonds, “diamante” the Spanish word, and “carreaux” the French one. Some pairs use one word for a strong hand and the other for weak one, or balanced or unbalanced hands, or what you can imagine. The solution: the South American Federation added to the rules that you can’t use the two words, but only one of them. Years later the WBF decided that the cards design must be symmetric. Why? Because some pairs use the no-symmetric cards orientation to send illegal messages.The solution for both cases was a clear statement for the cheaters: “You can’t keep on cheating this way, look for another”, nobody was signaled or prosecuted.This is the way the federations work in front a cheat method discovery, so Brogeland’s way is the only to ensure that those who cheat will be known and punished.

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