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BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
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On the next page are our final conclusions/recommendations.

This supersedes the “pre-release” from earlier in March. We have taken recent
comments into account and decided on what we think will be a clearer/easier
system summary.

We won’t use the previously introduced terms of “SHAPE” or “STRENGTH.”

We are presenting what we believe is a very simple (KISS) version for a starting
point. Note that there will still be an “either/or” decision that needs to be made
by the partnership.

If you want to download it for reference, it is also posted on Larry’s website.

For BW 2/1 GF, a 2/1 response to an opening bid is 100% GF -- neither partner can pass below game.The following chart shows relevant system agreements:

Needing partnership discussion/agreement:

What is the basic default/concept for rebidding 2M as opposed to other choices such as rebidding 2NT or raising a minor?

There are 2 main approaches labeled and explained as follows:

2M rebid “promises” 6+ cards. In this case, opener is allowed to choose a 2NT rebid without having all suits stopped (but not a small doubleton in an unbid suit). If opener can’t rebid 2NT, he can instead raise the minor with 3. Example: After 1H-2D, opener rebids 2NT with: K75 KQ976 A2 1054. He rebids 3D with: K75 KQ976 A102 54. Opener’s reverse (or high reverse) after he has opened 1M can be made with a minimum.

2M rebid is often a 5-card suit. This is the “default” rebid. Opener’s 2NT rebid is more “classic” – with everything stopped and a sound reason to bid notrump. If opener is “stuck” he shouldn’t raise a minor with only 3 and a minimum, choosing to repeat the major instead. After 1H-2D, opener rebids 2H with both hands above: (K75 KQ976 A2 1054 or K75 KQ976 A102 54). Opener’s reverse (or high reverse) after he has opened 1M shouldn’t be made with a minimum.

Though it requires more than a KISS approach, Non-Serious 3NT is recommended. Both players must verbally confirm that it is on (if both aren’t completely comfortable with it, then don’t use it). Use this simple definition: In a game-forcing auction, if the previous bid was 3M and an 8-card major-suit fit is guaranteed (and neither player previously bid notrump), then a control-bid above 3NT is a serious slam try, while 3NT shows something more than signing off in 4M.

Though technically not part of 2/1 GF, we recommend (if not discussed, assume the following):

  • 3-of-a-lower suit, natural, 6+ cards, invitational
  • Limit raises in Majors; UPH 2NT response to a major is Jacoby 2NT
  • Drury (“reverse”)
  • Inverted minors; 2NT response to a minor is 11-12, invitational
  • RKC 1430
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