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BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid

This is the fourth poll in ourseriesto help codify a Bridge Winners Standard for 2/1.

Today's question is about opener's 2NT rebid. Let's start by assuming that opener will raise hearts with 3 (after 1-2) and raise a minor-suit response with 4 (after 1M-2m).

Other than those hand-types (where supporting is fairly normal), when opener is balanced(ish) is 2NT the default, does it promise stoppers in the unbid suits, does it show extras?

2NT is the default for balanced or almost balanced hands (says nothing about strength or stoppers)
2NT requires stoppers in the unbid suits but can be any strength (even a dead minimum)
2NT requires stoppers in the unbid suits and more than a dead minimum
Something else

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