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BW Community insight on Good/Bad 2NT?

I played this for a period, and found it beneficial.

I am interested in the thoughts of the BW community about the following:-

  • How often (and what types of hands) come up where there is a downside of not having this 2NT as a natural call?
  • Why isn’t it more popular, than it appears to be?
    For example I have seen some polls on BW that would have been much simpler to resolve had G/B 2NT been in place. Sorry I can’t quote any specific examples without research that I don’t have time for at the moment.
    Perhaps the answer to the first question also resolves this.
  • The merits or weaknesses of Marshall Miles (?) inversion, which I have not played, whereby the direct 3 level bid shows the weaker hand and going via 2NT shows the stronger.

Thanks in advance for all insights.

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