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BW defeats FISCHER in Challenge Match

In August, Brigitta Fischer, a junior bridge player from Hungary, beat out hundreds of entries to win our 2013 Fantasy Spingold bracket contest. Her reward was to play theBRIDGE WINNERSteam (Gavin Wolpert, Jason Feldman, Steve Weinstein, Eugene Hung, Ari Greenberg, Greg Humphreys) on BBO for $500 (put up by Bridge Winners). She picked three Hungarians to join her team: Daniel Gulyas (a frequent player on the Hungarian Open Team),Kotanyi Balazs, and Sventandrasi Gergely. Eight of the 24 boards featured double-digit swings, but when the dust had settled, BRIDGEWINNERShad come out on top, 79-40.

This time, we have put up all 24 hand records for people to discuss and ask questions. The recordscan also be reached via the EXPLORE->ARTICLES->FEATURED SERIES->BW 2013 SPINGOLD CHALLENGE MATCH link in the top menu. Later, we will compile a video to go over the most exciting and interesting boards.

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