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BW Sherlocks III: Creating a Database of Evidence

[Update: The proposed method (Club=leave the board your side, diamond=middle, spade=other side, heart=close to declarer) is tested in Netherlands-Israel and Hungary-Israel matches. Check the comments below. I will update the post regularly.] 


Given the multiple articles in FS topic and crazy numbers of comments under these, it became almost impossible to follow what is going on. I know that a lot of people are interested in the detective part of this, and they possibly want to learn the methods discussed and evidence found so far. Then, they can go over them and work on new sets.

There are several methods proposed for the pair's way of cheating. We can create a database here if we use it efficiently.

I will be very happy if:

1) You don't share any personal comments on the case.

2) You share your findings with the exact minutes of the video (with link) and the hand (with bbo vugraph record).

3) Your findings are not a single-time occurrence (i.e., please do not share something like - "He opens the water bottle, must be Jxxx of spades and AKxx of hearts").

You are free to copy-paste from other articles - your own words or somebody else's (maybe mention the name).

Thanks everyone! Hope we can create a good database here and the case became clear.


p.s. I got several BW and FB messages about this article. My only goal is to cut off the random speculations under other articles and bring significant evidence together (or maybe not?) to make the case clear by creating a nice database.

p.s.2. I have my own opinion on the subject, however this database is a completely objective attempt to make things clear. As you could see, I don't accuse anybody of cheating or I don't defend anybody here.


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