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BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"

On March 6, 2017, 'abrakadabra' posted a YouTube video on BZ at

I do not know the identity of 'abrakadabra', as this is the only video posted under this name, I suspect the account was created just for this video.

The video is 22 minutes, 41 seconds long. It includes matches from EBTC 2014 including matches against Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Latvia, Israel, Monaco, Germany, Norway, Turkey and some video from PPL.

The claim is that BZ uses hand and finger mannerisms to indicate the honor cards and length in a suit.

BZ played 14 matches in EBTC 2014 on video against Denmark, Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Monaco, Estonia. Countries listed by order of appearance on BBO numbers.

This is over 28 hours of video.

To verify this claim, I am going to list the first 4 matches (using BBO order) and provide a link to the YouTube video. If you are willing to help with the crowd sourcing (this can be public crowd sourcing, not private):

1) Please put your name in the comments for that board. This means that you have volunteered to look at one board.

2) After you watched the video. Edit your name and replace with the time stamps of any mannerisms you note.

I'd like to get at least 2-3 people to look at every board.

As best I can tell the claims are: 

Ace: Rubbing chin or underneath chin with hand. 

King: Rubbing nose or forehead with hand.

Queen: Scratch chest around nipple area with hand. Either hand, either side of chest.

Jack: Scratch crotch. 

Ten: Scratch right side of face.

Queen/Jack: Chest then crotch.

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