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c4ica9o: a free, paperless web app tallies party bridge scores is a free web browser party bridge tally application that is not only paperless, but gives every player access to everyone's tally in the time it takes for the browser page to refresh.*

c4ica9o does NOT calculate each hand's score; the players at each table calculate the 2 partnership scores using whatever scoring rules they like for each hand.** At the end of each "round" -- after manually totaling the round's partnership scores -- either the host or a guest enters those partnership scores into c4ica9o.*** The winning partners play at the next table, but not with one another. The cumulative individual scores and names are automatically computed and displayed in order from high to low score.

The party host controls the number of tables and rounds with button taps or clicks. The host also triggers the start of a new round with a tap/click.<partyname> : host URL<partyname> : guest URL  : video : app 

*One person must sign up with a free Google account. c4ica9o works on any browser.

**"Chicago" scoring is completely irrelevant to c4ica9o, but unique names are very difficult to find on the web server .

***At the end of the first round, people may enter their own name (or not, if they prefer, because default names are provided). c4ica9o remembers their name thereafter.


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