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Calling on the expert community to do the right thing.

We know - In 1979 Sion-Cokin were found guilty of cheating (illegal signals) but, while being banned as a pair, the entire team (Sion-Cokin, Sontag-Weichsel, Sternberg) kept their first placing in the Men's BAM Teams.

And in all the 36 years since then, Sontag, Weichsel, Sternberg have not given up their title. Will the expert community show the world they're serious about ethics in bridge and boycott Sontag and company? 

All the people calling for Israel's withdrawal, where are your ethics now? 

Larry Cohen, if you are serious about bringing back the highest ethics into bridge, why were you ok with Sontag as your teammate when he didn't demonstrate said ethics?



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