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Calling the director at a local club

Today I was playing with an elderly lady who was looking to have an enjoyable afternoon. One round my opponents were one the the very best and most ethical pros around (who I consider a friend) playing with a client who is seriously trying to learn the game. The pro made an incorrect claim and I objected- I guess he had a blind spot. The contract was 2h and he was already down 2 when he made the claim. With no one vul and we were cold for a part score, the 3rd undertrick was a huge swing.Partner was on lead with the 13th spade and dummy was high- except that I had a promotable trump spot.He showed his hand and had told my partner to lead. Of course even looking at all the hands she could not see the promotion and did not make the correct play.

Every pro I know (including this one and another I consulted during the game) agree you never call the director especially against a pro - we should be able to settle things ourselves. Even after the hand, he told me that I did what he would have done in my situation.I am fairly sure that had the director been summoned at the proper time, he would have had my partner give me the trump promotion

I should accept the bad score because my partner was not capable of finding the correct play even looking at all the hands
I should accept the bad score because I did not call the director
He should graciously accept down 3 because the problem was created by his incorrect claim

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