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Can Prize Monies at Club Games Cause Problems?

A few years ago, I played in a club game in Rome with a pick-up intermediate partner that the club furnished; we finished second overall and received prize money which covered the cost of entry. The winning pair received more.In Europe, how common is the practice of awarding prize monies in club games, and which countries allow or have this? Do normal lower level tournaments also award prize monies?I believe this practice leads to the early development for some pairs/players to devise methods to alter the normal bridge odds.In the U.S. in clubs and tournaments the tables are in a row by number ascending/descending.I have not been to European tournaments, but in clubs in the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy I have found the tables scattered around the room with none of the tables close that receive boards for the next hand. This was probably done to limit the success of those with big ears, or exceptional sight.This allows me to believe that there is more of a problem in Europe of cheating than they are willing to admit publicly.In America the bridge scene seems to be more of a social event than that of a competitive venue as in Europe. Just some of my thoughts on the matter.

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