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Can the Defenders Require Dummy To Stay At The Table?

On the final day of the Fast Pairs in Reno, I was feeling very sick (as were many). As I was laying down the dummy in 1NT, what I thought was a cold turned to nausea, and with 7 minutes on the clock I said something to the effect of "Would it be OK if I went to the restroom, I really don't feel good".

Maybe this was my fault for phrasing it as a question, but I was just trying to be polite. To my surprise, the opponents said no. I asked again "Are you sure? Because I'm really not doing great here", and they were adamant that I was not allowed to leave.

We called the director, and Terry Lavender very nicely agreed to turn the dummy while I departed (quickly). I heard later that she got called away for one trick, and the opponents were very agitated about it.

As I threw up for a few minutes in the bathroom, I do remember thinking that it was kind of a shame that Terry was available to turn the dummy, because I'm fairly sure I could have filled my schadenfreude quota for the week watching my opponents regret their stubbornness had they forced me to stay at the table.

Is there a regulation on this? I know in some high level team events trips to the bathroom must be accompanied, but I thought those were written into the CoC. Does anyone know what the rule is, if any?

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