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Can you break up a partnership?

The context. You are mid-fifties Eastern Scientific background.

You are almost as good as you think you are though "sorry partner" is not part of either your or your partner's vocabulary.

You have a semi-regular partnership with a player of like ability and background. Maybe slightly less well-documented agreements than you should have...

You play Walsh style rebids over 1 with two-way new minor as the limit of your agreements.

After an unopposed sequence 1-1-1NT you must make a rebid with:


Which of the following comes closest to reflecting your opinion of 'standard'? (If you have a special agreement feel free to add it in a comment).

If you think the default is not to play 2 forcing here, please comment to that effect.


This is a textbook 2 call
Either 2 or 2 makes sense
2 suggests a better suit
2 suggests five hearts
2 suggests six diamonds and four hearts

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