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Can you preemp and then bid again?

A few sessions ago I held (with both red at MP):





The bidding went as follows:

1 - 3 - 3 - 5

5 - 6 - P  -  P


Result: Down one


My partner was furious that I preempted and then bid again, saying that it destroys partnership confidence.  However I felt justified.  My point was that rightly or wrongly, I chose only to bid 3D and not higher to keep 3N as a possibility.  Once my partner raises to 5 my Diamond ace is just decoration.  I felt that (1) 5 of a major would probably make (2) 6x would probably go down at most two (and might make opposite as little as Kxx and Kx) (3) If they continue on to 6 I will double and beat it on the marked spade lead (3) If they run to 6, hopefully partner has a spade trick and can double (I must have some defense from the vulnerable jump and rebid).

My point is that a jump in a new suit, while preemptive, can also be a tactical bid.  Once partner jumped to 5, my hand grew in value and was now worth another bid.   Am I wrong, (is partner being too restrictive) or must I make my preempt and then sit regardless of how the auction goes? 









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