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Catching Cheaters

Geoff Hampson's recent post prompted this.

One thing I discovered, quite by accident is that when there is cheating at the expert level, there are often two key indicators.

1) There is is clear disparity of talent between the players.

2) They achieve results beyond their skill level.

 In an old case, Sion was gifted, that's why they called him Stevie Wonder. He could have (and often did) play with the game's elite.

Cokin was not. So why would Sion, who could have played with almost anyone, accept Cokin (a few big steps down the food chain) as a partner? It was the money, honey. Cokin had the sponsor. 

A side note, a world class player told Ron Klinger's old master that after watching Sion/Cokin he thought they were up and coming stars. The veteran was unimpressed and as it turned out, they were caught a few months later. Talent shows as does the lack thereof. 

In a more recent case Lotan appears to be a world class player, his partner Ron, (like Cokin) not in the same class. 

Ask yourself this question. Who in the partnership is going to suggest cheating? The answer is not that tough.

The superior player would say something like.....

You are the weak link. In order to compete at the top, we need an edge, because you can't succeed at this level without it. So this is what we are going to do. And they spell out some cryptic cheating system, be it boards, cards, coughing, pens or pencils.  

Cam French might hire a hotshot, or even have a superstar friend or two who would play with him. But if he joins the expert realm, and wins Spingolds  - I would wonder how as his talent level is not (yet) there. After my retirement, you might find me in Spingold finals.....LOL. I wish I could afford it. 

What we need ( and I called for years ago) is Internal Affairs. A select group of experts who can review videos, look at results and see if they can detect patterns that betray the perps. Look closely at partnerships where there is a clear disparity of talent and a superior track record of success. 

This is five years old and all of a sudden relevant.


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