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Cell Phone Suggestion

It has been suggested that a player's cell phone should be turned off and kept visible during play.  Some have noted that if phones were kept on the table some E-W players might forget to retrieve their phones when moving to the next round. 

Those who work in corporate or government offices might be familiar with the clear plastic containers, attached to a lanyard worn around the neck, that are used to hold employee ID badges and/or pass cards.  Perhaps consideration might be given to asking, or perhaps even requiring, players to use this sort of transparent container to hold their cell phones.  That would prevent the loss of cell phones and would allow each player to see the other players' phones. 

If this practice were made mandatory, then any player not "wearing" his or her phone in a visible container would be assumed not to be carrying a phone and, if his or her phone were to ring during play, he or she could reasonably be subjected to a significant penalty.

Just a thought.

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