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CEO Search Committee -- Should the ACBL hire a professional Executive Search firm?

The hiring of the new ACBL CEO may well be the most critical decision the current ACBL Board of Directors will ever make. President Heller has announced he will form a CEO search committee "composed of five board members and two highly qualified ACBL members from the business world".

Is that good enough? Do you think the ACBL should hire a professional executive search firm for guidance?

There is a wealth of free material online as to how best to proceed. Check out  especially see " Hiring a Director for a Non-profit Agency (PDF 161KB) A step-by-step guide that includes a guide for interviewing candidates as well as a candidate evaluation form."

The Harvard Business Review on "Don't Hire The Wrong CEO"

The ACBL Board must have a clear set of guidleines for CEO compensation. From a 2014 report: "The average pay for a nonprofit president/CEO last year was $118,678... While many factors affect executive compensation, our studies found there was a direct link between their salaries and the organization’s operating budget. Operating budget from $10,000,000 to $24,999,999 — Average CEO salary: $184,926". You can read the full report at:

The ACBL has six months to get it right. This may be the last opportunity to save the organization.



Yes, it is essential for the ACBL to use a profession search firm for guidance
No, the current proposed CEO Search Committee is adequate

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