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Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version

I must have too much time on my hands at Yokohama because it occurred to me to ask a foolish question and see whether there are any wise answers.

The background to the question is that 5-10 years ago I tried to devise a hand that would fox Deep Finesse by making it think for as long as possible. At the time a 1NT contract was considered the most challenging and I found one with play in all four suits that made it think for a couple of minutes.

These days DF has to determine precise numbers of tricks (Lose/Win but also +/++/-/--) so often thinks for a while when the fate of the contract is sealed.

So my question is; will that make DF pause more than it did or has computing power increased to cancel that out...and is there a new DF stumper that will be more challenging than the old ones? If so please post yours!!

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