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Changes for All ACBL Special Games

So this arrived in an email from Memphis:


”Changes for All ACBL-wide Games

In order to ensure the integrity of ACBL-wide events, all games must now be held during a specific session (e.g., morning or afternoon). This has changed the starting times of several ACBL-wide events in 2019. Please review the revised schedule here:

If you have already registered for ACBL-wide game(s) and are unable to start the games during the specified session, please email us at Please include your club number and date of each game.

No game information - including scores, hand records or any commentary - may be posted online (on a club, unit or personal website) until 11 p.m. Eastern time the day of the ACBL-wide event.”


Though I should probably let this go, I wonder why they don’t explain that they’re using Common Game deals. If we are worried about protecting the integrity of these events, how about full disclosure?

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