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Changes to Trials Policy

According to a group email sent yesterday the USBF has changed the policy regarding competing in multiple trials. 

" USBF Board has decided to allow a player to compete in multiple USBCs, subject to the rule that a player who qualifies in two events may not compete in the World Championship in the event for which s/he qualified first."

So theoretically a player or players could play in and qualify for a second trial berth thus dropping off of the first team.

I'm not privy to the USBFs reasoning on this matter but I see several issues related to this decision 

1. Possible conflict of interest. 

2. If three/four players drop off what happens to the remaining team? Are they allowed to augment 3-4 players? If not, how is the replacement team selected?

3. Losing to a team in the finals that has it's best pair leave thus becoming far weaker.

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