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Changing the CDR - an ACBL BoD motion

The deadline for submitting a motion for the ACBL BoD meeting in Denver is fast approaching.  For many years, I have felt that the ACBL's Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR) was far too lienient when it comes to cheating.  Especially troubling to me was that expulsion really wasn't that - there was the provision for re-admission and the knowledge that cheaters had been re-admitted.  Twice in the past, I've tried to eliminate the re-admission provisions. Twice, the board has voted it down.

Now, with the cheating activities of top pairs being revealed, perhaps it is time to revive my quest.  Before I submit this, I'd appreciate thoughts and input.  Basically, it divides collusive and flagrant cheating punishments into two punishments.  The concepts (with wording to be worked out before submission):

1) If a pair or individual is found guilty of collusive or flagrant cheating by a duly authorized body, the discipline shall be expulsion from the ACBL with no opportunity for re-admission.

2) If a pair or individual confesses to collusive or flagrant cheating before the start of a disciplinary hearing, the discipline shall be expulsion from the ACBL, with the opportunity for re-admission after 10 years.

3) The use of "flagrant cheating" is to cover cases where only one member of the partnership engages in cheating, but it is a flagrant offense.  Examples include cold-decking a hand, access to hand records and the like.

My rationale for #2 is the discussion that we should have some way to encourage cheaters to come clean.  It would be beneficial from the standpoints of both removing them from the game and the saving of resources to try them.  In exchange, we give them the carrot of potential re-admission.

Without going into a lot more discussion from me, I'd appreciate input and thoughts before I submit this to the BoD Journal.  I would prefer that this come from ACBL members, since this will be an ACBL only regulation.  If you are not an ACBL member, could you please indicate in your comments.

Thank you very much!



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