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cheat book needed?

Most of us have seen or maybe read a book about card tricks. I even have one or two in my private library. I strongly believe the other kind of a book is needed; card (bridge) cheats!

After what the bridge community experienced lately with the high and not so high level cheating at the card table, don't you think it would be a great idea to get everything you and me know about this horrible behavior and put together in a book? I even suggest the title of this book ("Bridge - How to Cheat and Win") and chapters ("Cheating at Home", "Cheating at the Local Bridge Club", "Championship Cheating", "How to Use Your Limps", "How to Use Your Lungs", "How to Use Equipment, Available and Portable").

 The idea may sound silly or you can take it as a joke, but the more I thing about this affair, the more I'm convinced we should share our experiences to identify and prevent spreading these activities that could potentially destroy our game on ALL levels.

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