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Cheating: At The Common Game

Here is an unedited exchange between Eugene Hung and myself regarding the above subject and The Common Game.

[What is not discussed here is a second incident that clearly has taken place in Columbia, SC (and there may be others).  It will come out.]

I have excluded the balance of my correspondence on the subject since it relates to Cheating generally and not specifically to the Common Game.


"Hi Ed --I spoke with Gavin, who spoke with Jay Whipple himself. He confirmed that the rumors are true. In Chicago, Patrick Lauterbach was convicted of cheating in this manner, and expelled from the ACBL with loss of 100% of masterpoints. He sent me a document which looks official, and the list of suspended/expelled players on the ACBL website contains the same information, so I'm confident this is correct.Apparently (I don't have hard evidence here, just reporting what Mr. Whipple said) Mr. Lauterbach was not the only Common Game 'director' to have been caught doing this, and I believe the ACBL is serious about stamping out these practices with the harsh punishments.If you want to publicize this story on BW to educate people about what the ACBL is doing to punish cheaters, and to deter future criminals, you are welcome to.Eugene

On Aug. 28, 2015, Ed Judy wrote:Hi Eugene,Let me first say that the allegations that follow regarding The Common Game come second/third-hand to me (but they certainly have the ring of truth).If true, I'm rather sure all of this is not news to you.I do not want in any way to perpetuate this story if the essence is not factual.As a BW member, I'll be guided by your suggestions relative to BW.Regards, Ed"

A bit of background:

Sandy, Thanks for checking with Sara Whipple at The Common Game on all of this.This appears to be potentially a major problem; keeping "a lid on it" is an option but that type of "non-transparency" fails to help in the long-run (as many have learned).As you know, BW is allied with The Common Game and I assume the principals of BW know all about it. For now, I'll simply pass this on to Eugene Hung and let him respond to me as he sees fit. With what has been disclosed over the past week (let alone years), my view -- more than ever -- is that of Jeff Rubens at TBW -- "A player convicted of clearly-intentional cheating should be permanently expelled from organized bridge." Ed


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