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Cheating - standard of proof

The shareholders of the English Bridge Union have recently decided to change the Disciplinary Bye-Laws so that the standard of proof in cases of dishonesty (which would include cheating) will henceforth cease to be "beyond reasonable doubt".  This change has been made before the Laws & Ethics Committee, which is currently the body responsible for initiating prosecutions (this may change), has had a chance to consider the proposal.  The shareholders agreed to this proposal nem con.

In future, the standard adopted will be that employed by the WBF (which is governed by Swiss law, that is a civil law regime with in inquisitorial judicial system), requiring that the disciplinary panel be "comfortably satisfied" with the guilt of the accused.

I have grave reservations about this change.  From the perspective of the accused, a charge of dishonesty is a very serious matter and I think it only appropriate that the same standard of proof should apply as would be the case in criminal proceedings.

What do others think?

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