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Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed

This tournament started 9 days ago, against all reason. Now it was called off after 7 rounds. Yekaterinburg is 5 time zones East of GMT on the other side of the Urals, where brave men are not afraid of ghosts, viruses or other invisible creatures, just like brave men 5 time zones West of GMT. 

This was to be a double round-robin tournament for 8 players. The winner becomes the next challenger and will play Carlsen for the world championship. The WC match was scheduled for December.

The publicity associated with World Championship matches is something that the Bridge organizations have never managed exploit. Beginning with Steinitz in 1886 there have been 16 Chess world champions, each distinctly the strongest player of his time. Every serious chess player has a clear idea of who these people were, their playing style, famous games and combinations played by them.

There is no equivalent in Bridge. Instead you have hundreds of 'world class' players, all having won 'multiple world championships'. Some are brilliant players, some at times described as 'fish' on this very web site, some have been exposed as frauds. This is unfortunate. Not only the world championship match, but also the qualification tournaments leading up to it, catch people's attention. In 1972 the N.Y. Times sent a reporter to Reykjavik to cover the Spassky-Fischer match day by day for 8 weeks.

Long ago important Bridge matches were newsworthy. Even today Chess still rates an occasional comment in the N.Y. Times, e.g.

while Bridge no longer does, unless it is to report a cheating scandal. 


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