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Chicago BOD motion proposes that the ACBL stop paying WBF dues

I've reformatted the motion since I don't know how to strike out text on bridgewinners. The motion would amend Chapter VII A and Chapter VII B of the ACBL Codification. The NBOs referred to in Chapter VII B are the following three National Bridge Organizations:

  • United States Bridge Federation (USBF)
  • Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF)
  • Mexican Bridge Federation (MBF)


Submitted by: Ken Monzingo, Bob Heller & Sharon Anderson

Date: July 2, 2015

Item 152-120: WBF Membership

Moved that: Chapter VII A and Chapter VII B of the ACBL Codification be amended to replace sections 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 and replace the whole of Chapter VII B with the paragraph WBF REPRESENTATIVES below.

Chapter VI

3.1 WBF Dues


3.1.1 The ACBL will remit to the WBF dues based upon ACBL’s membership,which is the sum of all paid members and active unpaid Life Members,excluding members classified as juniors. 

3.1.2 Management is authorized to comply with the WBF regulation that requiresdues be paid on the basis of the current year membership or the year 2000membership with the proviso that the year 2000 active membership iscompared with the current year active membership and the WBF dues paid onthe higher number.


The ACBL shall not pay any amountto the WBF for membership dues.

Chapter VII


Representatives of Zone 2 to the World Bridge Federation shall be appointed by the Zone2 NBOs under rules which shall be adopted jointly by those NBOs.

Effective January 1, 2016Estimated cost/savings: $165,000 yearly


The mission of ACBL is to serve its members and to encourage new people to play bridge. The League’s new members come primarily from the local level through efforts of clubs and teachers. With an average member age of 70+, and a median masterpoint holding of 168, there is no evidence to support a case that international bridge assists in recruiting new members. There are only 1020 living members who have ever represented Zone 2 in WBF Competitions – much less than 1% of the League’s membership.

Shared values of ACBL members are respect and fairness. Since the core of ACBL business is in the 3,000 sanctioned clubs, spending significant attention and resources on international bridge, which benefits a very small segment of membership, is not fairness to our masses. Decision- making power and responsibility for International bridge competition in the WBF’s Zone 2 should remain solely a responsibility of National Bridge Organizations e.g. USBF, CBF and Mexico. It is only fair that they should elect and send representative to the WBF board of directors and pay any WBF dues on their membership numbers, as well a train and select players for international competition. ACBL will continue to support USBF through International Fund Games and other donations.

Amendments to the Codification required as a result of passage of this resolution may be adopted by the Board at a future time.



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