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Choice of Games Cuebid vs. Slam Try Cuebid

I'm curious about current expert thinking regarding when 4 level cuebids are defined as Choice of Games and when they are Slam Tries.  It's a subject I've discussed a fair amount in the past, but not much recently.

While I'm posting this as a general poll, I'm especially interested in comments from players who have thought about the issue, and have relevant partnership agreements.  I'm also interested in hearing if regular expert partnerships do not have agreements, and/or how confident they'd be that their partnership would be on the same page!

Below are a few example auctions to consider for purpose of the poll.  They may not be the best examples, and feel free to offer your own examples and how you would treat them in the comments.


EDIT: For the purpose of the poll, please consider "choice of games" and "general force" as equivalent.  My intent is to distinguish "slam try in the suit partner just bid" from something more nebulous.




A) (3)  3  (P)  4


B) 1  (3)  3  (P), 4


C) (3) X (P) 3, (P)  4


D) (3) 3 (P) 4

In all the listed examples my partnership(s) would treat the cuebid as choice of games
In all the listed examples my partnership(s) would treat the cuebid as a slam try in the suit partner just bid
Not all of those auctions are treated the same way

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