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Claim Issue with ACBL on BBO


Hi, I played in "Support Your Club" tournament #3813 at 10:00 am EST today (March 25). This message is about Board 15.

RE: point #3 below, I will post the hand under the title "Accept the Claim?", but it might take me a while.

We wrongly accepted a claim, and when the opponents did nothing after we chatted "Wait, the claim is invalid", I called the Director (Dir). Dir said he would look into it, and later came back and said "Claim looks ok based on the cards". But Dir was wrong based on the play. Here are my questions ... 3 points:

  1. How do I discuss with the Director? Dir's reply to me was a "private bbo message" but I could not see any way to (nicely) challenge the ruling? Also, it was Board 15/18 with 3-board sets, so the opponents were whisked away - but not before we chatted: "Wait ...."
  2. We accept that many might say "You wrongly accepted the claim, so have to live with the result". This would not be the case ftf, but it was near the end of the tournament and we are all coping with a new, Covid-19 world", so no worries. However, we do not believe it is right for the opponents to benefit from our mistaken accept.
  3. There is a very interesting "claim issue" that could have been critical on this board if there were one small change. I am going to post this on Bridge Winners, hopefully for the long-term benefit of all.
  4. Fair warning to the world:  I will take all the time I need before accepting any claims.  I agree it was our mistake: Partner & I BOTH accepted, so we also have agreed that from now on only one of us will be accepting/rejecting claims.

Your comments on this article will be welcome.  Please avoid or reserve judgments on the validity of the claim until you see the related posting of the hand.

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