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Class of player

One of my least favorite phrases in the laws is class of player.  This is needed when a player makes an incomplete claim and the director has to determine if a player is good enough to make the unmentioned but somewhat obvious play.  For example:




No diamonds have been played.  Declarer South is on lead, faces the hand and claims "I have the rest".  Do you allow the claim since South can make the Discovery play?

I really hate having to allow this claim and would rather rule against the declarer.  To me, it seems the declarer should be more clear (or just play one more card) regardless if they are World Class or an advanced beginner. 

I realize that if the declarer was World Class and at a table with other World Class players, they would all nod their heads and score the board up.  But if I was the declarer against World Class players, they might call the director and now it becomes the judgment of a director who may only know me by my masterpoint count.

This feels like a double standard.  As a director, I also hate to have to say to someone "I just don't think you are good enough to make that play"

Am I being too picky on this?  


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