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Club level ruling . what do you think?

The hand:

Vul: E/W Dealer N

North J84 AQ74 A653 96

East: 97 1082 Q42 QJ873

South AKQ52 J3 KJ108 105

West 1063 K965 97 AK42


The bidding:

p, p, 1 club (no alert), p, 1heart,  p, 1 spade, p, 1nt, p, 3nt

East leads the 2 of diamonds and the dummy comes down

East asks if ops play precision club and ops reply no . . they are playing 2/1

The director is called to the table and the hand is played out. North makes 4. The director says that E/W were damaged and changes the contract to 3nt -1. 

The director is correct
This ruling is incorrect
It could go either way

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