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Club Library Books?

Currently, we have two posts, one from Peter Hasenson and another from Jonathan Campbell, on bridge book selection.

I’ve been asked to help build a list for a CLUB library (we have a typical mix of A-B-C players).

My basic suggestions are shaping up per below. I welcome more.


    The Secrets of Winning Bridge, Jeff Rubens, circa 1969: 

         Essay #16: Partnerships and Conventions most relevant for non-regular partnerships

    Matchpoints, Woolsey (1982; recently reprinted, don’t know if updated)

    Judgment at Bridge, Lawrence (1976; recently reprinted, perhaps updated)

    The Encyclopedia of Bridge – the sixth edition, not the 7th

    How to Defend a Bridge Hand, Root   

    Partnership Defense, Woolsey (1980)

    Opening Leads, Ewen (1970)   

    Stronger Competitive Bidding, Miles, 1992

         (some  of it can be tough going)

    A preempt book should be added.  

         Also, any suggestion for handling  high-level competitive auctions?

    Bid Better, Play Better, 1966 and Winning Declarer Play, 1969, Dorothy Hayden


Instructive, interesting or fun:

    Culbertson’s Gold Book   

    The Bridge Bum, Sontag   

    The Walk of the Oysters, Mackey (I feel the wince from overseas Richard)   

    Bridge Master The Best of Edgar Kaplan


We have to of course cover today’s modern or mainstream bidding. Difficult subject and choices.

    I believe “2 over 1 Game Force,” Grant-Rodwell, 2009 is doing rather well

    in teaching circles.

    For Walsh system players, Hardy's yellow book, 1989, is of value.

    Larry Cohen’s website and some of his workbooks or Intermediate-to-Advanced lesson

    books are surely helpful.

    Robinson’s Washington Standard (1996) has much to offer for regular partnerships.


And yes, the 2017 Law Book and perhaps Duplicate Decisions (2009?)


What should be out there but isn’t? I have suggestions but I’ll save it for another posting or comment.

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