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Cnstructive Interference
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Watching a BBOexpert practice match I saw a hand that introduced me to a concept that I had never thought about or even concidered. Thought that I would pass it on.

1S P 2S 3D

5D* 6D p* P

6S all pass 5D was Exclusion Key Card Blackwood andp of 6D showed 1 key card. Depo X even pass odd

George Mittelman opined that rather than bidding 6Dwhen holding Axx xxxx xxxx xx that this hand should bid 5S. And if it held a different non D Ace should bid either 5H or 6C'S. That way Mittelman (after a 5S bid) with 2S' and a stiff could X, trusting P to lead his shortness. After a 5H bid he could X 6S letting P know that he could ruff that at trick two. The last (minor)plus positionis that knowing his side held a sure trick he could take the 7 level dive and the not have to pay off to a grand slam if the opps bid it.

While this auction is rare thereare other similar situations that could be of use.

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