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Code breaking bridge players, WW2

I am writing a feature about bridge players who were code breakers in world war 2. 

I do have 2 names, from the UK, Stuart Staveley and Carmel Simon (who was married to SJ Simon, "Skid"). Carmel was a bridge professional, and represented her country at international events.

Are you able to help me at all? Perhaps you know a person? perhaps you were involved yourself? Maybe you heard a good anecdote?

The eventual article will be published in June 2017, in a British bridge magazine called "Bridge", published by MrBridge  (available by subscription but slso free to read online).

I'll be honest: it is hard to find many people to interview about their personal experiences.  However, on Monday I met a lovely 92-year old woman who worked at Bletchley Park in 1945. Her recollections were crystal clear and detailed*. 

Of course, there is masses of information on the internet and published about the code breakers and Bletchley Park, and the other stations. What I am seeking is a story relating to bridge players.

Thank you.

*(yes, she does watch all the films and tv programmes ... and says she enjoys looking out for depictions that are incorrect).   <--  S Staveley

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