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Coffee housing

Hi all,

A situation arose earlier this evening at the club which left both the director and myself unsure of how (or even IF) to proceed.

Partner, sitting south, was declarer in a 3NT contract, the success of which basically depended on the spade suit breaking 3-3 (a fact upon which he commented when dummy went down).

The suit in question was AKQ54 opposite 93. The suit did indeed break 3-3, but on the third round of the suit, east, who at that point was holding the singleton deuce, hesitated for a long time (15-20 seconds), and partner, dismayed at the apparent bad break in the suit did not notice the fact that east did eventually follow suit, and as a result was down one in a cold contract.

When asked, east readily admitted that he had hesitated a long time unnecessarily, and said that he was “just coffee-housing”. I realize that this lack of attention was our problem, and do not want our score adjusted in any way. However, I do feel, quite strongly, that east’s actions were highly unethical, and worthy of some form of reprimand, and a warning to cease and desist when it comes to resorting to such tactics.

Before I get the usual questioning of the facts, let me point out, once again, none of the facts as stated above are in dispute.

If it matters at all, east is a very good, experienced player with just under 5,000 mp.

Your input, as always, would be greatly appreciated.

It's "just bridge", get over it.
It's unethical, but not enough to warrant doing anything.
It's unethical, and something should be done (please expand below)
Other (please explain below).

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