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Wouldn’t it be good for bridge to revive the game on college campuses … student union marathons, dinner and social games into the wee hours, road trips to tournaments? It would look different today, of course, technology being what it is, but the idea’s the same: to grow bridge at universities and colleges.

The ACBL and the ACBL Educational Foundation want your help, and they’re eager to support you with supplies and stipends.

Are you a student or faculty member? Start a club on your campus.

Are you a unit located in a college town? Adopt your school. Students will benefit from your mentorship.

Are you an alumnus? Fight for bragging rights. Volunteer your support and follow the progress of your players as they grow in the game.

Your team will be part of an exclusive BBO college club where students will enjoy free individual robot play and compete for prizes in live tournaments against other teams. A tournament in the spring will decide who wins a trip to Atlanta next summer to compete in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl.

Interested? Want more information? go to or contact

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