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Cologne court judges the prosecution of Wladow-Elinescu vs. Deutscher Bridge Verband.

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The Kölner Landgericht has judged in this case coming to a remarkable conclusion. E/W wanted cancellation of the ban of playing in national tournaments and demanded financial compensation 

They have WON.

If this is the final state - revision to a Oberlandesgericht (higher court) is possible- , the DBV has to annihilate the ban completely and the two players have a demand for regress of all present and future financial damage.

The reasoning is remarkable.

The judge argued that the time span of the ban (a life time for them as a pair, 10 years)  is unreasonable because 

a) they are already 63 and 72 years old respectively and the time span of 10 years means in fact  for Wladow a ban for a life time. They compared it to an estimated life expectancy (76-77) of a male person in Germany.

This is of course nonsense, because the life expectancy of an adult male, who has already reached 72, is much higher.

b) They are innocent players until yet and so have to be handled as first time offenders.

c) even if they have used signals to exchange forbidden information, they haven't used technical equipment and so the bodily signals of them are of lesser significance and could easily be regarded as an immanent part of the game. 


Regards from Germany HJ Schinze


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