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Colorado Bridge Ratings wants your club

There has been a lot of talk about Colorado Bridge Ratings.  One main goal to make it more accurate is to have more data.  In a brief Email conversation, Chris asked me to put the instructions for club managers to send him the data:


All I need is a backup of the club's ACBLscor game files.  Here are the steps to create a backup:  

 1) start ACBLscor  

 2) From the menu (top line) select "Utilities"

 3) Select "Backup/Restore"

 4) Select "2 Backup Game Files"  

 5) Backup Location: "c:\acblscor\gamefile"  

 6) Enter game files to backup.  Type in "1407??" for July, 2014 or "??????" for all games on your computer.

 I will use the last 24 months     the file name will be 1407xx.lzh, or xxxxxx.lzh and found in "c:\acblscor\gamefile" Please attach this file to an e-mail and send to me at  

That is it.  Looks like it should take about 2 minutes or so.  

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