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Commonly accepted meaning of (1X)-P-(1N)-2X? (1X)-P-(1N)-2N?

Within a Standard American or 2/1 framework, after a 1-level suit opening ("1X") and a 1NT response, are the "standard" meanings of an overcall with a 2-level cue bids and 2 level cue bid or no trump still respectively "Michaels" (both majors over a minor and other major and unknown minor over a major) and Unusual 2NT (lowest two unbid suits)? 

Overcaller is fourth seat, so an unpassed hand and equal vulnerability.

Please choose one of the choices (1-5) for 2X and one of (6-9) for 2N. 

Please comment if your answers change with vulnerability.

Please select up to 2 choices.

2X is Michaels in all cases
2X is natural after opener's 1C/1D opener and Michaels after opener's 1H/1S
2X in natural in all cases
2X is a general forcing cue bid
2X has another meaning - please comment
2N is "Unusual" in all cases
2N is a strong balanced hand (~18+ hcp - or specify range)
2N is Unusual over opener's 1H/1S and strong over opener's 1C/1D
2N has another meaning - please comment

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