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Comparable Call Procedure

I hope the community doesn't mind helping me through the process of understanding CCs. After achieving some degree of understanding, the next question is procedure. How does the director address it?

I am called to the table: IB/BOOT/POOT, or whatever. I give the preliminary blather. I allow the auction to continue based upon acceptance vel non. Then when it comes around to offender, I announce his/her options, which will include the right to make a CC. Who in their right mind will let the player, who has 99% never thought about the issue, and just wants to get the best advantage from his/her cards, try to substitute a CC on the fly? Way too much room for birthing yet another bad sequence, and considerable UI and bad table mojo.

It seems to me that the director must take aside the offender, inquire as to his/her system agreements, and ask what call would s/he LIKE to make as a CC. Maybe even outline the choices as the director sees them. Then one either blesses this choice or prohibits it. The clock ticks.

Other options?

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