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Competing at the Three Level at MPs -- Favorable Vulnerability and Most of the HCPs

Matchpoint scoring.

In first seat, you have 14 HCPs and open 1 with a five card suit, 5=2=3=3 distribution, and with favorable vulnerability (White on Red -- you are NV and opponents are V). 

Partner raises to 2, which, in your style, shows a constructive raise (better than a minimum) and three-card support (you play the 3 Bergen raise with a four-card "mixed" raise).  RHO doubles the 2 bid by partner, and LHO bids 3.  Your partner passes, and you are in a position to bid.

You know that you have an eight card fit in spades, and your side is likely to have most of the HCPs.

What do you do?

Bid 3 -- I know we can make 2, and the vulnerability is favorable if we can't make 3
Double -- A DSI double, passing the decision to partner. Partner also knows we can make 2.
Either 3 or X -- Do anything other than pass; at this vulnerability, passing 3 is very likely to get a below average score.
It depends -- sometimes I might pass and sometimes I might bid.
Other (though I can't think of what it might be) -- because there's always an other

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