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Condition of Contest

Okay, I concede that I am emotional and may not be thinking as clearly as i should. Being pissed does not give me, or anyone else the right to not think logically. In any event, I just found out that I would not be able to play in the under 2500 pair or team events in Atlanta. The condition of contest for both events in which I was interested states clearly:

The Young Pairs will consist of pairs, each of whom are paid-up ACBL Members and have fewer than 2500 masterpoints (MPs) as of the ACBL computer run of the month preceding the event.

The event is open to teams of four, five or six paid-up ACBL Members who have fewer than …2500 masterpoints (MPs) as of the ACBL computer run of the month preceding the event if entering Flight II.

Silly me, I thought that the NABC was in July and the month preceding the event was in June and thus the computer run in June (June 7th to be exact) would control — if one would were to give a strict interpretation to the COC, When I brought this to the attention to the ACBL rep he told me, well sorry, we’ve been doing this for 30 years, you just must have misinterpreted what we meant — I did not feel mollified.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. The computer run in the month preceding the event and the computer run in the month of the event are 2 different things. Why not eliminate all confusion and publish the date each year of which date will control for the determination of entries? I could have save some $$$ by not entering some regional events and still be able to enter the events at the nationals which meant more to me!

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