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Conflict of Interest

Jay Whipple is the new ACBL President.

Jay Whipple is also the sole owner of Bridge Finesse LLC, a for-profit Florida company founded in 2012, see

Bridge Finesse LLC runs various programs, including Fast Results and The Common Game. Jay is very careful to always mention the programs, not the company behind those products. 

The ACBL recently announced the REACH program. This allows club players to earn Gold points. See 

There is a deliberate attempt by ACBL and Bridge Finesse LLC to hide the true organizer behind this program by hosting the data on a Google site, You will not find the company "Bridge Finesse LLC" anywhere on these documents.

If you click on any of the forms or links on this site, you are soon taken to a site, this is the Bridge Finesse LLC home page. It is very clear that this is a program that is being run by and not ACBL.

The cost for ACBL members to enter this event is $30. There is no mention of where this money is going.

In order to register for this event

a) The club must belong to The Common Game

b) Each player must sign up through Bridge Finesse

Both are entities owned by Jay Whipple.

From, "Note: Players must play at participating TheCommonGame clubs for their scores to be eligible."

Registration for both is handled by, and not by ACBL. Why?

Why not organize this type of event and have it run by ACBL?

Over the last few years, Mr. Whipple has been systematically collecting ACBL player numbers, photographs. In order to sign up for any of his programs you also need to provide a cell phone number or email address and your ACBL number. In other words he is collecting personal information about you.

There is some very cynical marketing with the REACH program hiding its true purpose, e.g. tying this in to USBF.

There is no reason that ACBL could not run this event by themselves. They have experience in running ACBL-wide club games and collecting information from clubs.

This is at least the third no-notice, no-bid contract that has been awarded by ACBL to Jay Whipple's company over the past few years while Mr. Whipple has been a board member.

It is very clear from the first month of Mr. Whipple's Presidency where all of this is headed.

There is a serious conflict of interest with ACBL and its new President. At this point, the correct thing is either

a) Mr. Whipple resigns from the ACBL board and pursues his business opportunities with ACBL separately.

b) Mr. Whipple stops all activities with Bridge Finesse LLC and ACBL during his tenure as President. This includes stopping the REACH program, or have ACBL run it without requiring use of any data/programs from Mr. Whipple.

You cannot be both the ACBL President and also own a private for-profit company that is benefitting from no-bid ACBL contracts.

What we have now is that Gold Points at clubs can be won, but only if both clubs and players sign up with Mr. Whipple's for-profit company.

Some of these no-bid contracts awarded by ACBL to Bridge Finesse LLC make no sense. For example, ACBL now includes in its tournament results pages links to "Fast Results". "Fast Results" is a direct competitor to ACBL Live. There are over 400,000 banner links (I asked a computer to count them) from ACBL's results pages to Mr. Whipple's Bridge Finesse LLC sites. Go to and it asks you for your "ACBL# Login:". This is in direct conflict with the ACBL Privacy Policy ( The ACBL has shared your player number with a non-ACBL entity that is using that same member number to market its services to you. Admittedly the ACBL made your player number non-public, but a third party for-profit company is using that information without any complaints from ACBL.

Why does ACBL promote Fast Results on its tournament results page? Makes no sense.

On ACBL's tournament results page, ACBL lists details on team events with a link to Fast Results. Why does ACBL not display the details about team events itself. It displays all pair event information; why did it not choose to add team events? The amount of coding is minimal. I should mention that Jay Whipple used to chair the technology committee of the ACBL and all of these decisions and no-bid contracts were awarded while he was a board member.

If you do click on a team results you are taken off the ACBL web site and on to Jay Whipple's Why has ACBL designed their software this way? It makes no sense to take you away from the ACBL web site.

If you go to a tournament results, say the last San Diego NABC, you have a banner link for "The Common Game". Why is ACBL advertizing the President's private company programs. The Common Game has nothing do to with an NABC yet ACBL is listing it and promoting it on its web site. There are over 400,000 ads currently on ACBL's web sites to Mr. Whipple's Bridge Finesse LLC Common Game.

Over the last 2-3 years, ACBL has quietly added over 1,000,000 links from its pages to Jay Whipple's private company. There has been no explanation of why. There were more, but a private complaint from me last year removed over 400,000 of these links. I suspect these links to be reinstated soon.

Where are/were the ACBL board? I talked to some members and they were oblivious to what has been going on.

There's much more to this than I'm stating. I'm only publishing the facts that are easily verifiable.

The ACBL members deserve transparency. There are some serious conflicts of interest at work. The ACBL, Jay Whipple and Bridge Finesse LLC are hiding what is really going on. Time for Mr. Whipple to resign from the ACBL Presidency, ACBL board and pursue his private business interests as a non board member.

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