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Congrats to John Altman -- the 2013 King of Bridge!

On behalf of District 11 of the ACBL, the Cincinnati Bridge Association (Unit 124), and the Cincinnati Youth Bridge Program, I'd like to congratulate John Altman on being named the 2013 King of Bridge! He may be unfamiliar to many of you, but John is a great guy and promises to be a fantastic Ambassador for the game for years to come. Here's a link to the ACBL press release and another one to the Cincinnati Bridge Association website announcing the award.

Three of the Founders of Bridgewinners are former Kings of Bridge (Steve, Gavin, and Ari) and many others are frequent contributors here. I would imagine that most of the Bridgewinners community is familiar with the King (or Queen) of Bridge, but if not, here's a list of all former title-holders.

Congrats John!


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