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Congrats to US Women's Trials Team OSMO

What a marvelous story for Women's Bridge!  To quote from the first USBF Women's Trials Daily Bulletin this week:



"Teri Smoot and Mary Ose are the founding partners of Team OSMO. Team OSMO was established at the Providence NABC and is a group of women with a goal of competing (well) at the top levels of duplicate bridge. In order to achieve this, Teri and Mary (along with others) have been playing in many Regionals and NABC's (as well as some international tournaments)."



Major Kudos to Mary Ose, Terry Smoot, Ginny Curtis, Katherine Ewing, Joanne Merry and Prudence Saunders for deciding only to play against the best of the best, in a quest to become a superb, winning team!  Though they didn't succeed in this Women's Trials, they surely absorbed a giant dose of experience, and will likely be a force in Women's (and who knows, maybe Open) bridge sooner rather than later.  In my book, that means this team is a big winner for bridge :)



IMHO, we definitely need more, and more visible, Women's bridge, and more of any gender/gender identity who prefer to sacrifice in the short term in pursuit of becoming elite players.

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