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Congratulations to the World Champions

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2013 World Championships in Bali, Indonesia!

Bermuda Bowl

ITALY(Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria, Antonio Sementa*, Giorgio Duboin*) won the Bermuda Bowl after defeating MONACO in the final 210-126. ITALY jumped out to an early lead and steadily piled on the IMPs.POLAND defeated USA 1 for the Bronze.

*Antonio Sementa and Giorgio Duboin did not play any boards in the final and are not eligible for the Gold Medal. In a statement by their coach to Neapolitan Club, Giuseppe Faillia said"Giorgio Duboin and Antonio Sementa could not play the final due to illness."

Venice Cup

USA 2 (Jill Levin, Jenny Wolpert, Jill Meyers, MigryZur-Campanile, Janice Seamon-Molson, Hjordis Eythorsdottir) won the Vencie Cup over ENGLAND by a score of 229-220.3. USA 2 trailed by 43 IMPs with 32 boards to go, but a wild 84-33 5th segment erased that deficit, and then USA 2 held on for the win. The NETHERLANDS defeated CHINA in the Bronze Medal Match.

d'Orsi Trophy

GERMANY (Michael Elinescu, Ulrich Kratz, Reiner Marsal, Bernhard Strater, Ulrich Wenning, Entscho Wladow) captured the d'Orsi Trophy with a narrow victory over USA 2172-161. POLAND defeated FRANCE for the Bronze.


GORDON (Mark Gordon, David Berkowitz, Alan Sontag, Michael Seamon, Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Jacek Pszczola) won the transnationals 92-81 over SAICVW. WHITE HOUSEplaced third defeating P D TIMES.

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