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Considering the Spain/USA Controversy in local club games

Playing in a club game last week (in a weak field that I would hope to routinely beat), I picked up something like:

:Jxxx :AQ9x :Qxx :xx

and opened 1H in 3rd seat NV.

I have -- over the last year or so -- seen my partner open 1M with 4 card majors light in 3rd seat several times. Perhaps a few a touch lighter than that. (We mark our CC as 4 cards in 3/4th, but the ACBL CC does not distinguish 3rd from 4th. We've never been asked. At least not that I can remember.)

I would have little/no sympathy for an expert who complained about this, but I wish to consider a different issue.

Should I have sympathy for a weak/intermediate player who complains? Should I alert these bids, when partner makes them?

I don't think my bid is alertable, but my partner is aware that I may do this (and I am aware partner might). The regulations state: 

If it is your partnership style to routinely open hands with fewer than 10 HCP,

This seems unclear. We don't "routinely" do this. But on 3rd seat NV we often do. Which context of "routinely" applies? (Definition 1: Frequently. Definition 2: According to some knowable pattern?) How does one define routinely? The entire "fewer than 10 HCP" covers all four positions and all vulnerabilities in that regulation, but everyone knows that 3rd seat openers are lighter, and NV goes lighter still.

If less than 10 in first or second requires a pre-alert, doesn't that number (10) also drop in 3rd seat. Should a pre-alert be "I open <10 in 3rd seat" or just "I routinely open <8 in 3rd seat."

When should the pre-alert take place? Less than 10 in 3rd NV? Less than 8?

Of course you should -- if asked -- disclose tendencies that you've noticed. But really, what's the best want to handle this in club games?

I'm not sure a pre-alert would do our opponents any favors (I've pre-alerted Polish for years, even though not technically required to do so, because it seems like the right thing to do, but could an un-necessary pre-alert be construed as intimidation?)

This is not about undisclosed agreements, and I do not want to discuss any accusations or counter-accusations. For purposes of this thread, my partnership does open 8-10 HCP routinely.

What should we do?


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