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Consumer law at work in BBO

BBO was sporting Robot Duplicate instant tournaments, 8 boards, one human against three robots, best hand for the human, MP and IMP, for BBO points, at the price of $0.29 per game. Games were starting each 15-20 minutes.

About five months ago, before corona time, someone at BBO decided to up the price to $0.45 per session for the MP games. No explanation, no announce, just hike it and wait for the $ to add up. Since then, BBO lost each day about $300 of income. The MP games have today almost no participants. 

Respect for the BBOers who decided not to cooperate. Consumer is always right. 

And before the trolls jump at my tail stating that I'm talking about petty money and that we should venerate BBO for their product, I say that principles matter. 

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